Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Humor in Homeschooling

I have homeschooled my children off and on since my oldest could recognize letters at two years of age. Sometimes it has gone very smoothly, and other times it has been quite rocky. Right now I am committed to it because the local and middle high schools just aren’t rigorous enough for my academic standards. My second daughter, nicknamed affectionately the Booge (don’t try to figure out why, I gave it to her and even I don’t know), is finishing seventh grade. She is a delightful child in many ways, with just enough age appropriate rebellion to add a strand or two of gray to my hair. The Booge is not enamored with the boxed curriculum that we use, and recently she displayed both her feelings and her cleverness with the execution of one of her writing assignments, which I am posting with her permission. The assignment’s directions were to write a sequence of events paragraph of 150 words or more, using the given topic sentence, which is the first one below.

                Monk the Monkey

Of all the spectacular performances at the circus, the antics of Monk the Monkey were the most amusing. To start off his act, he quietly crawled out of his cage before running around in circles and yelling so loud, he almost yelled off everyone’s heads. Next, he took some grenades and started to juggle them. They weren’t lit. Then, the ringmaster gave him some daggers and he started swallowing them whole. He cut himself many times. After that, Monk jumped on the back of a nearby clown, and started to hit him quite hard; he almost knocked the poor clown unconscious. Finally, at the end of the act, Monk motioned for everyone to quiet down. The orchestra started a drum roll.  Every act in the circus came out and counted to five. Then Monk exploded. It was quite funny; I laughed really hard, especially when I saw a bawling kid in the front row that had been blasted with monkey guts. So if the circus comes to town, visit Monk the monkey, the funniest monkey who ever exploded.

I am almost tempted to change her nickname to Monk in honor of her creativity. What grade would you give this monkey?

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