Friday, June 28, 2013

Review of The Seven Tales of Trinket

The Seven Tales of Trinket by Shelley Moore Thomas is a little gem for MG readers. Artfully retelling different folk tales, this novel reminds me of Grace Lin's Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, only these tales are Celtic in origin and voice. The MC, eleven-year-old Trinket, goes on a quest to find her long lost father after her mother dies. She takes a faithful friend, Thomas, and along the way shows both cleverness and growth as she strives to become a bard like her father. I found this book in the "new books" section of my local library, though its copyright date is 2012.

  • strong, likable protagonist
  • lyrical writing
  • believable growth of the protagonist as she deals with feeling abandoned
  • the friends make mistakes, but always watch out for each other
  • coherent, original  weaving of seven different folk tales with fresh writing
  • each folk tale becomes the inspiration for the young bard's songs
  • great messages-the importance of perseverence, looking beyond appearances, and forgiveness
  • the story follows a predictable fantasy story arc-to achieve her goal, the protagonist and her loyal sidekick go through a series of trials  on the road to ultimate success
  • the ending is predictable, though MG readers may not think so

While the nature of telling multiple different folk tales lends itself  to natural reading breaks, I found the main story arc connecting them all compelling enough to keep me turning the pages. Despite my best intentions to be frugal with giving 5 star reviews, The Seven Tales of Trinket was such an enchanting read, I just can't help it-5 stars!

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