Monday, July 1, 2013

Editing with Enthusiasm and Empowerment

Do you ever feel like sparks are flying from your fingertips? That’s my day yesterday. I worked twelve hours Saturday night, then on the drive home got lost in thoughts of my latest book, Queen of the Night. I just started the first edits and revisions a few days ago, and I am psyched! Thanks to Margie Lawson, I am tightening up my story and it almost feels like magic masked as hard, incredibly fun work. If you haven’t checked out her website, DO IT! You’ll thank me (really)! I am taking what I think was a pretty good work, and jumping up several levels in my writing by using her Deep Editing process to empower it.  I bought a very reasonably priced online lecture from her website a month or two ago, finished that class, and am about halfway through a second class. I still consider myself a neophyte in the world of writing, but this is the kind of experience that moves me up a rung or two in my definition of the ladder of successful writing. Best of all, I am enjoying *writing* this book as much as I’ve enjoyed any book I ever read! If you want to read a very rough draft query for Queen of the Night, click here and scroll down.

Loving the story is vital, I think, as an author. There aren’t any guarantees that a work will ever sell, no matter how good it is, but if *I* can’t get immersed in it, I can’t expect readers will. Whether it sells or not, I love writing this book and am learning a lot so I am counting it a success.

Do you have any enthusiastic stories to tell about your writing process/WIP?


  1. I found a nice little critique group, which tore my novel and short stories to shreds, very kindly. I learned so much, and my writing has improved so much! I also learned a bunch from Jim Butcher's livejournal of writing tips. I learned about scenes and sequels there--and man, they make your story ROCK.

    Good luck with your editing adventures! It's really exciting to see a story start to shine. :-)

  2. I would love to find a critique group! So far my schedule has made it impossible for me to check out the closest local group. There are a few online places I have gotten some very helpful specific feedback, but most of my writing education is online reading and books on the craft. I did exchange manuscript critiques with someone online about six months ago, and that was an eye-opening experience. Still looking for the right CP to come along.

    Thanks for the tip about Jim Butcher-I skimmed his website and have added it to my author files.