Thursday, July 18, 2013

Waibel's World: How Authors Write- Ace Hansen with My Review

Reblog: Do you need to laugh today? Read this post and check out Julius Caesar and the Green Gas Mystery. Can't wait to read it. Waibel's World: How Authors Write- Ace Hansen

Updated to include my review:

Two days later I have finished Julius Ceasar Brown and the Green Gas Mystery. I could have read this in one sitting, it’s that good, but work and kids tend to interfere with my reading time. ;-) This book does not disappoint! Many times I found myself laughing at eleven-year-old Julius’s exploits as he tries to win the affections of the cute girl in his class, avoid the school bully and the Zombie Lady down the street, and solve the mystery of the world wide outbreak of smelly green farts to win a million dollar prize.

There are some serious elements in addition to the issue of bullying intertwined with the humor that are really well presented. Julius’s parents are divorced and the impact that has on him is very true to life as are the interactions Julius has with a stroke victim.

Maybe my funny bone is extra ticklish this week because I don’t normally like humor that involves mentioning bodily functions most people would rather pretend not to have, but I found this book to be both clever and hilarious. Julius is one of those wry, witty characters, constantly thwarted, bound to triumph in the end but maybe not in the way he envisions.

Boys should love this fast-paced story. The intended audience is 8-12, and based on initial opinions in my female-only household, I think it appeals more to the younger end of that range. If you need a good dose of juvenile humor, pick this one! 5 out of 5 stars!


  1. Ace thanks you! He thinks the violin in über cool, too.

  2. No problem! BTW, I spent 5 delightful summers traveling to NAU for music camp eons ago. If ever I move back to AZ, Flagstaff is where I would live!

  3. Thanks for this thoughtful and awesome review, Melissa. So happy you enjoyed the book. ^_^