Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sun vs. Snow Contest

The mentor round of Sun vs. Snow begins today!  I have been very eager to read the other entries, but a little intimidated because I know that the others got in on the merits  of their pitch and their writing. I, however, got in because a bot picked me. As the winner of Michelle Hauck's free pass, I am excited and nervous to start getting feedback. The wonderful thing about this particular contest is the days Amy and Michelle have set aside for the  mentors to give feedback and then the entrants to critique each other. From the entries I have read so far, there are some intriguing ideas and excellent writing in the contest, and very helpful feedback. I am hoping to have a shiny query and first page ready to go when the agent round opens.

To see all the entries and comments, check out Michelle4Laughs and Amy Trueblood's ChasingtheCrazies, and free feel to comment on entries yourself on January 25 after the mentor round ends.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reel in Readers with Deep POV

The last several months I have been spending my "free" time revising Queen of the Night based on some great critiques I have received. I am planning to have it ready to query this week, starting with my entry in the Sun vs. Snow contest as winner of a FreePass by Michelle Hauck. After all the revising I've done, I want to pass along a book recommendation for writers, suggested to me by Martina Boone. (She's one of the critiquers I mentioned.)

Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View by Jill Elizabeth Nelson is a highly focused writing guide designed to help writers hone their ability to write the main character's point of view (POV) so that readers will experience as if it's their own. The book is short and sweet, but comes with exercises at the end of each chapter to help practice each tip. Basically, it boils down to not letting a narrator come between the reader and the MC, and the tips are very practical. Forget writing about thoughts or feelings, and make them come alive. Express the MC's thoughts and feelings without using those or similar words so that the reader gets a deep, immediate experience.  Say what they think or feel, and express it in their actions. There are many more practical tips and it is an easy read, so it's well worth down-loading to your Kindle.

Check it out here at Amazon if you want to bump your writing quality up a notch or two, and please leave a comment if you have a recommendation for books with great writing tips.