Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sun vs. Snow Contest

The mentor round of Sun vs. Snow begins today!  I have been very eager to read the other entries, but a little intimidated because I know that the others got in on the merits  of their pitch and their writing. I, however, got in because a bot picked me. As the winner of Michelle Hauck's free pass, I am excited and nervous to start getting feedback. The wonderful thing about this particular contest is the days Amy and Michelle have set aside for the  mentors to give feedback and then the entrants to critique each other. From the entries I have read so far, there are some intriguing ideas and excellent writing in the contest, and very helpful feedback. I am hoping to have a shiny query and first page ready to go when the agent round opens.

To see all the entries and comments, check out Michelle4Laughs and Amy Trueblood's ChasingtheCrazies, and free feel to comment on entries yourself on January 25 after the mentor round ends.

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