Friday, March 21, 2014

A Book Review for Friday: Hollow City

The peculiar children from Miss Peregrine's home flee their time loop on the island in Hollow City: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children #2 to seek out another ymbryne who can help cure her. The pacing is excellent as Jacob and the others continue to face threats from both hollowgasts, horrifying creatures with multiple tongues, and wights, people who work with hollowgasts to kill peculiar children, each of whom has a special ability. There are also other threats during their travels in history, including gypsies and bombs in WWII England. The suspense is intertwined with more peaceful moments, such as when Emma kills a hollowgast who somehow has penetrated a loop,followed by the children spending time with the creatures of Miss Wren's loop.

They receive hints on where to go in their search from a book of stories written for peculiar children, while we learn more about the true conflict behind the ymbrynes who turned bad and the good ymbrynes, who maintained loops for the protection of the peculiars but now have all been kidnapped. Jacob's ability to detect hollowgasts and fight them becomes more honed during the time they are chasing after Miss Wren in London.

There are lots of things to love in this book, including a great tension over what's right and wrong when life is at stake. The world in Miss Peregrine's universe has so many original intricacies. Jacob's ability develops in a very cool direction, particularly at the close of the novel, and the other children all make real contributions to the success of their quest. Some criticisms: the book of stories that provides the clue to finding Miss Wren's loop was negected after that, and I would have loved to hear more about it. Also, with quite a few peculiar children on the journey, I had forgotten what some of their abilities were and had trouble remembering each character until it was time for their talent to help on the quest. I particularly did not like how Jacob works through an internal conflict toward the end.

Finally, I both loved and hated the ending. There is a great plot twist that is a bit of a mind-blow, but the cliff hanger ending leaves the fate of most of the children in jeopardy. Overall, I think the next book can't come out soon enough and give this 4 stars.

For my review that includes some spoilers, see my GoodReads review here.

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