Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Query Blog Hop

I have chosen to participate in Michelle Hauck's Holiday Query Blog Hop with my newest manuscript's query. It closes in a couple days so if you want to enter, grab your query and go here for directions.

Dear Amazing Agent,

Twelve-year-old Serena hasn’t had a best friend in forever because her dad’s drinking always scares them away. She wouldn’t dream of doing anything to draw attention out of fear he’ll end up humiliating her. But the perfect potential BFF, smart and eccentric Katie, tempts Serena to change her self-imposed hermit status. After Serena's dad drunkenly interrupts an afterschool study session with Katie, Serena wishes her dad would just disappear. Then one day she opens the door to a policeman who hauls her father off to a work release program, and it appears his drinking has made her wish come true.

With her father temporarily gone, Serena’s friendship with Katie blossoms and she dares to do things she never thought of before, like join chorus and talk to a boy. But her dad being gone doesn't solve all her problems. Her mom works more and more to pay the legal bills while Serena’s grades tank. Even worse, Serena has no idea what to do when her underage brother starts partying with his buddies. Guilt over her wish threatens to pull her down under the sinking ship of her family’s stress.

When her dad returns, he might be sober. Or not. To trust him seems like a short path to more heartache and humiliation. Now she must choose—keep doing the new things she loves and risk her dad making a drunken public scene, or return to her life as an invisible loner.

LISTEN TO ME, a 39,000 word upper middle grade contemporary, explores the conflict of a tween’s need for peer acceptance with the stark reality of living with an alcoholic. I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and an online critique group. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Melissa Menten